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Slavery, exploitation and human trafficking – many people think these were a problem from years ago and now exist only in history books or epic films of former times. The sad truth is that  slavery, exploitation and trafficking are a huge problem today, with estimates that more than 27 million people are enslaved today. Freedom Climb brings hope and transforms the lives of women and children who are exploited, enslaved and trafficked.  Raising funds and awareness is done by climbing, as a symbolic gesture of those who cannot climb out of their circumstances on their own. Climbs and events are gaining global momentum as people join us to raise awareness and financial support.

We are looking for people to stand with us and be a voice for those who have no voice. 


What does this look like? 

  • 'like' our Facebook page
  • Register for one of our climbs – or as a virtual climber if you cannot climb
  • Sponsor one of the climbers
  • Donate to one of the projects
  • Sign up for the monthly prayer update
  • For more information email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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2015 Annual Report

annual report 2015
Thank you to all our partners and supporters who have helped to make a difference in the lives of women and children caught in human trafficking and modern day slavery in 2015.

Please click here to see a report on all we have been able to do through Freedom Climb Australia and New Zealand.



Freedom Climb Songs available for Download

Freedom's Coming - Bill Drake   Download
(part of the album: Broken & Complete)

There is Freedom - Jeremy Whitaker   Download
(part of the album: Greater Things)

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